The ONE card system for e-cash, access control, authentication and customer loyalty

Based on the proven Philips 13.56MHz Mifare Contactless technology, our Smart Card Solution is exceptionally flexible and expandable.

Contrary to our rival’s Read-Only resolution, our platform provides Read-and-Write capability to the Mifare card: which has empowered us to create a full array of practical and cost-conscious applications for various industries.

With support to TCP/IP environment, our system is ready to take advantage of your LAN & WAN deployment on a stand-alone, offline, and on-line configuration.

Our Mifare hardware gives you many opportunities to tailor the solution to your preferences and needs. Data synchronized and updated On-line, Off-line, Batch-by-interval–all programmable and flexible.

Distinguished Features of Mifare Smart Card

  • Highest Security - Best Defense against Hackers
  • Multi-Application - ONE Card for 15 Applications
  • Data Storage – 1K or 4K
  • Speedy Transaction - Just with a Beep sound, most updated Data be written in the chip