We Believe in the Market

We believe in the trendy up-rise of CRM in the market.
We are confident that the market will reward those who proactively position themselves in this trend.

We Respect Consumers

We engineer our solutions from the consumers' standpoint. To make our merchants life easier and happier, our solution matches the users' needs surprisingly well, this is impractical to demand from those "fix-and-patch" off-the-shelves products.

Our Smart Solution is no gimmick; it is the gun of the arsenal. It unleashes the infinite potential of creativity; it enables the management to materialize its marketing strategy in an effective, user-friendly, and dignified package.

Our Guiding Principles

  • be aware of the changing needs of the customers
  • be prompt and responsive on fulfilling delivery and inquiry
  • be ready to offer flexible and modular solution deployment & upgrade
  • be futuristic and always leave room to upgrade and to expand
  • be courteous and professional while delivering solution excellence

Our vision is to become the Asia-Pacific leader in innovative technology services

Maximizing ROI (Return Of Investment) and minimizing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), we strive to deliver customer-oriented, highly-innovative services that create values and enhance business opportunities for our customers and partners.

Your Purchasing Decision

Purchase with Confidence:

  • Our Reputation is our greatest asset. We will do our best to protect the invested effort in our brand-building
  • Choose from the wide range of Card System and Application Software selection: we are totally flexible and can maximize what these technologies have to leverage
  • Enjoy First-Class Premium Customer Service: our Sales team places customers' satisfaction as their TOP priority
  • Buying from Chinetek is Worry-Free: we manufacture these products, we know them inside-out
  • Get more than great technology: we will offer you industry-wise advice and know-how