Card Expert

Step beyond the expected tradition.   Your corporate card is a reflection of your corporate image.   It has to be professional, soaring above the expectations of your customers.   Building such a card showcase requires resources: both money and technology.   Small firms may not have the staff or resources to put together such a portfolio.   It is where we come into play.   With almost 20 years of card handling and manufacturing experience, we can handle your cards' need effortlessly.   We do all kinds of card.   Orders big or small, whatever your preferences, we will meet your requirements promptly and professionally.   Don't hesitate to be creative.

We produce Staff Card, Student Card, VIP card, Loyalty Card, Promotional Card, Phone Card, Calenda Card, Game Card, Warranty Card,  Health Card Card, etc.

Card Option that you can choose: PVC, Barcode, Magnetic, Embossing, Scratch Off, Signature Panel & Thermal Printing, etc.

Card Printing Service

Now you can get professional 1C & 4C printing service here with Chinetek Intelligence. One-Stop.

Specializing in bar-code solution since 1987, we've extensive bar-code printing experience to fit your specific industries’ needs.    From fine Jewelry to bulky Pallet label printing, we know what's appropriate and we promptly complete the job as promised.    With in-house card printers of different caliber, we're also ready to get your 4C PVC card printing done professionally on the famous Zebra & DNP printer line.

Multiple sizes. Multiple media. Mission-Critical labels and cards printed precisely to your specifications with your own design.

Graphics is important.    For graphics to “speak” well, “resolution” is everything.    The Image-Enhancing Thermal solution is superior in card's resolution as our print-shop is equipped to impress your customers with the ultra-fine 1200dpi 4C color printing!

Take a look into our “Sample Card” section – the possibility is Endless.    We welcome custom order and love to quote you on your special project.    Just let us know, we're looking forward to serving your printing needs.

Artwork Requirement:


Design Size: 58.0mm x 89.6mm
Design Size (after cropped): 54.0mm x 85.6mm
Bleeding Margin: 2mm (each side)

File Format

Illustrator File (*.ai) - RECOMMENDED
PhotoShop File (*.psd) - 350dpi
CorelDraw (*.cdr)
*Color Mode: CMYK (RGB NOT accepted)


All line art in the design must be at least 0.1mm thickness
Please leave 2mm between all text/image and Crop Line to avoid content be cropped
Please "OUTLINE" all the text
IF printing Magnetic Card, the distance between the magnetic strip and card edge is 4mm

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